Terms & Conditions

  1. Bicycle brands available for rent: Fuji, Mongoose, Mali, Gepida Alboin.
  2. With regular maintenance, Budapestbike.hu guarantees that the bicycles available for rent are always in perfect condition.
  3. No extra charge for locks, chains and helmets. These are all included in the rental fee.
  4. Security deposit is required: HUF 30.000/bicycle, or HUF 10.000/bicycle plus a copy of a picture ID. (We can make copies for you at the shop).
  5. Renters undertake to use the rented bicycles in a careful and proper manner, and ensure that the bicycles are protected against theft during the entire rental period. Renters shall lock and secure the bicycles whenever they are not in use. Renters acknowledge that the bicycles are not insured.
  6. Renters oblige to return the bicycles to the representative of Budapestbike.hu by the end of the rental period in the same condition as originally rented. Otherwise Renters agree to take financial responsibility for any damages that occurred during the rental period.
  7. Renters declare that their health- and physical condition allows them, and they are fit for the proper use of the bicycles rented from Budapestbike.hu on their own responsibility. Renters declare furthermore, that in case of any personal injury resulting from the use of the bicycles, Renters are responsible for every financial/monetary consequences of such injury, and their own health-, property- and compulsory insurance.
  8. Renters acknowledge that they are required to use the bicycles in accordance with the applicable traffic rules in force. Renters accept to bear every related responsibility, including responsibility for any and all financial damages arising from such breach of traffic rules.
  9. Budapestbike.hu and the Renters agree that any obvious damage of the bicycles would only be borne by Budapestbike.hu if such damages were noted and identified by the parties prior to the beginning of the rental period.
  10. Budapestbike.hu informs its customers that in case children participate in any of the programs or bicycle rental provided by Budapestbike.hu, the adult parent, supervisor or companion, or the Renter of the bicycle is responsible for the actions and behavior of such children.