Bike and Investigate
1 mistery, 2 wheels, 3 hours constant excitement! An adventure you never forget!
HUF 12 000
Person (min. 4 persons)

This program lasts around 3-4 hours

The Story begins: Robert Sparks – from insiders opinion – had the brightest future in the fashion industry. His mental and physical condition and of course his willpower put him on the way to be one of the most wanted models on the globe. But an unforeseen horrible incident broke his career for good. Fate decided to take his life just three days before he’d travel to Milan for a famous company’s show.

The mission: Our goal is to find out who murdered the victim, where, why and when. It will not be easy but at the end the truth itself will clearly show us: the investigation was worth it.

First of all we shall meet at Wesselényi street 13. (BudapestBike), where you get a bike and instructions to the investigation. During the journey you not only solve the crime but discover Budapest with a help of a guide.

Along the way you come across 12 tasks (each connected to each other), which leads you to the murder and of course to nice places worth seeing in Budapest. The tour includes a rewarding drink on the end at Doblo Wine Bar. We raffle a bottle of prosecco in the correct solvers at the end of the tour!