A Budapestbike egy fiatal vállalkozás, amelyet hat magyar fiatal alapított 2005-ben, külföldi pozitív tapasztalatok alapján. Mi magunk is két keréken közlekedünk, így ismerjük ennek az életmódnak a pozitívumait. Fontos számunkra a gyors közlekedés, a tiszta levegő és egy normális fővárosi lét.

Szeretnénk a számunkra fontos dolgoknak szolgáltatásainkkal is nyomatékot adni, és megkönnyíteni az idelátogatók mindennapjait.



  • review rating 4  The condition of my bike was very poor, not to mention the not too friendly customer service. UPDATE: When we returned the bikes the next morning, the lady was professional and apologized for their mistakes (They read the feedback and take them well). They did not even ask money for the service, which is nice overall.

    thumb Csaba Balogh

    review rating 2  The condition of my bike was very poor, not to mention the not too friendly customer service.

    thumb Csaba Balogh

    review rating 5  Absolutely loved this experience! The bikes were very reasonable for our 24 hour renting time (about $13 USD) and the people were great. Biking is one of the best ways to see a city and a great way to optimize your time. Definitely 👍 and 5 stars! Loved the people-so nice, helpful and friendly! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    thumb Grace Komaromi
  • review rating 5  Bikes are in excellent condition. Appointment only during winter time so contact them before you leave. Budapest is very bicycle friendly and this place is great for those who rely on their hotel's wifi to stay connected since you rent for days rather than by hour compared to the bike sharing program in the city. This traditional bike rental shop is highly recommended!

    thumb Rising Stone

    review rating 5  Had a great tour, from a great girl, but don't know her name. She Hungarian and is learning Dutch!

    thumb Rick Timmer

    review rating 5  We had a great English tour by a man i think his name was Ballin or something. What an awesome time we had as he was very passionate about the history of his city. We couldn't say enough good things about our tour which was four hours long. Awesome time.

    thumb K Emm